Sexual Freedom On College Campuses

College campuses are often thought of as places where which students can learn and grow as people. Being away from their families for the first time helps students learn to be independent, which ultimately supplements their quest for higher education. But college isn’t only about getting a good education, it is about meeting new people and the various interactions that come with that.

Primarily, this involves making new friendships (hopefully ones that will last a lifetime). But it also means having sex. Yup, I said it. A big part of going to college is letting loose and hooking up with people, on a fairly regular basis I might add.

However, with this truth comes another unfortunate truth that many people are ostracized or even simply looked down upon for being sexually active while in college. This mindset is what needs to change on college campuses, not just in Portland, but around the United States.

There needs to be a much better understanding of the sexual experimentation that inevitably goes on during college. Some students have never had sex before in their lives, and this is the first time that they truly get to experience it. But just because a girl (or a guy for that matter) is having sex with someone new on a weekly basis, that doesn’t mean that they should be considered a slut or a whore or anything like that. In fact, they should be looked up to since they are taking it upon themselves to take advantage of the sexual scene that college has to offer.

As soon as students arrive on campus, they should be conditioned to embrace sexual freedom and to take advantage of the sexual nature of college campuses, especially students who are new to sex in general. If they’ve never had sex before, they should go out and find a willing partner and just do it. It’s that simple.

Once that is done, then the real fun begins. If a student is interested in having sex with a same-sex partner, then they should feel emboldened to find that partner and take the experience on as soon as possible. Even sex with multiple partners at the same time (although pretty uncommon if I am being honest) can and should be explored if all of the party members consent to such activity.

And if students really want to explore all that sex has to offer, then they should definitely look into buying sex toys to increase sexual pleasure with a partner (or even just increase their own sexual pleasure if they are just using it to masturbate). Blissful Cherry has some really great sex toys on their website, all at affordable prices and with ultra-fast shipping, which is why they are my personal recommendation for where one should buy sex toys if that is what they are into.

Regardless of where a student’s sexual journey takes them in college, they should have peace of mind knowing that they won’t be judged for the sexual activities that they partake in, no matter how often or how extreme they may seem. When a college campus embraces that sexual freedom mentality, students can really begin to open up and grow sexually.